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About the Course

Most necessary thing for communication is the language. We are already proficient in multiple languages to communicate with ourselves. Today, in the age of automation, where we are spending more time interacting with computers rather than the others, we must know a programming language too.

Java, JavaScript, C#, Ruby, Python, C++ these are all great technologies. Generally all these languages are good and do the job but which one is the best? Python is considered as the easiest and most versatile language of all time amongst the developers. It is the most common language used by almost every industry around the globe including Google, NASA, Facebook and IBM

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18 Hours Training

Learn foundation tools from industry experts.

Cloud lab

Apply the skills you learn on a distributed cluster to solve real-world problems.


Work on projects to get hands-on experience

Experienced Instructors

All our instructors are from top-notch universities having years of teaching experience in their domain.

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24×7 Support. Discussion forum to answer all your queries throughout your learning journey


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