PG CertificatE PROGRAM in Data Science & AI By E&ICT Academy, IIT Roorkee

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Certification in Data Science & AI

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Faculty and Mentors

Prof. ‪Tharun Kumar Reddy

ECE Dept., IIT Roorkee

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Prof. Raksha Sharma

CSE Dept., IIT Roorkee

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Prof. Sanjeev Manhas

ECE Dept., IIT Roorkee

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Mr. Sandeep Giri

Founder, CloudxLab

Mr. Abhinav Singh

Co-Founder, CloudxLab

Mr. Praveen Pavithran

Course Instructor, CloudxLab

About the Course

This Data Science and AI Certification Program is an online course. This course covers some of the most trending and latest technologies in the market like Tensorflow 2.0, Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) etc. The cutting edge content provided through this course will help you launch a career in the field of Data Science

Additionally, this course comes with our cloud lab access to gain the much needed hands-on experience to solve the real-world problems.

Upon successfully completing the course, you will get the certificate from E&ICT Academy, IIT Roorkee which you can use for progressing in your career and finding better opportunities.

Course Highlights

8 Months of Blended Learning

Cloud Lab Access

Work on about 18+ projects to get hands-on experience

Best In Class Curriculum

Timely Doubt Resolution

Certificate of Completion by E&ICT Academy, IIT Roorkee

Programming Languages and Tools

Sample Certificate


Foundation Courses

1. Linux for Data Science
2. Getting Started with Git
3. Python Foundations
4. Machine Learning Prerequisites(Including Numpy, Pandas and Linear Algebra)
5. Getting Started with SQL
6. Statistics Foundations

Course on Machine Learning

Machine Learning Applications & Landscape

Building end-to-end Machine Learning Project

Training Models

Support Vector Machines

Decision Trees

Ensemble Learning and Random Forests

Dimensionality Reduction

Course on Deep Learning

Introduction to Artificial Neural Networks

Convolutional Neural Networks

Natural Language Processing

Reinforcement Learning


Complimentary Topics

Introduction to Hadoop

Foundation & Environment




MapReduce Basics

MapReduce Advanced

Analyzing Data with Pig

Processing Data with Hive

NoSQL and HBase

Importing Data with Sqoop and Flume, Oozie

Introduction to Spark

Scala Basics

Spark Basics

Writing and Deploying Spark Applications

Common Patterns in Spark Data Processing

Data Formats & Management

DataFrames and Spark SQL

Machine Learning with Spark


Training Deep Neural Networks

Custom Models and Training with Tensorflow

Loading and Preprocessing Data with TensorFlow

Recurrent Neural Networks

Autoencoders and GANs