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4 Months of online learning with IIT Roorkee faculty and Industry experts

Certification in AI for Managers

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Faculty and Mentors

Prof. Manu Gupta

DOMS., IIT Roorkee

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Prof. Sanjeev Manhas

ECE Dept., IIT Roorkee

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Prof. Raksha Sharma

CSE Dept., IIT Roorkee

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Prof. Tarun Sharma

DOMS, IIT Roorkee

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Prof. Abhinava Tripathi

DOMS., IIT Roorkee

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Hindol Basu

CEO, Actify

S. Anand

CEO, Gramener

Shailesh Kumar

Chief Data Scientist, Jio

Ankur Narang

Vice President, AI & Data, Hike

About the Course

This program is designed for working professionals with technical background in mathematics and statistics and looking to gain a foothold in the AI Industry & solve business problems through application of AI & analytics. Designed by IITR Professors and Industry experts, it provides theoretical & practical understanding of AI concepts through case studies.

Upon successfully completing the course, you will get the certificate from E&ICT Academy, IIT Roorkee which you can use for progressing in your career and finding better opportunities.


Who is this Program for?

Course Highlights

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Module 1 – Pre-launch Preparatory Content

Module 2 – Introduction to AI Landscape - I

Module 3 – Introduction to AI Landscape - II

Module 4 – The Importance of EDA and Storytelling

Module 5 – The Regression Paradigm: Scoring things you haven't seen

Module 6 – The Classification Paradigm : Classifying and labelling new objects

Module 7 – The Clustering Paradigm and Market Basket Analysis

Module 8 – The Recommendation Paradigm

Module 9 – The Natural Language Processing Paradigm

Module 10 – The Computer Vision Paradigm

Module 11 – Mapping Machine Learning with Data Architecture Strategy

Module 12 – AI Strategy

Module 13 – Capstone: Develop the AI Strategy for your organisation