Python For Machine Learning

18+ Hours of Online Self-Paced Training

Python For Machine Learning

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About the Course

Automation is dominating every domain and impacting every walk of human life. The tasks that used to require human labor can now be performed with far more precision and efficiency with automation.

The first step for automation is to learn a programming language. Which programming language should you learn? When we studied the demand in industry, we found that the demand for python has increased 34% since 2014. And there is a reason why the demand for python has grown so quickly. Python is the most versatile language of all.

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Course Features

18+ hours training

Learn foundation tools for Machine Learning from industry experts.

Cloud lab

Apply the skills you learn on a distributed cluster to solve real-world problems.


Work on Python project to get hands-on experience

Experienced Instructors

All our instructors are from top-notch universities having years of teaching experience in their domain.

Best-in-class Support

24×7 Support. Discussion forum to answer all your queries throughout your learning journey


Highlight your new skills on your resume or LinkedIn. Certificate issued by E&ICT, IIT Roorkee

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