Machine Learning Specialization

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Machine Learning Specialization

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About the Course

Have you ever wondered how self-driving cars are running on roads or how Netflix recommends the movies which you may like or how Amazon recommends you products or how Google search gives you such an accurate results or how speech recognition in your smartphone works or how the world champion was beaten at the game of Go?

Machine learning is behind these innovations. In the recent times, it has been proven that machine learning and deep learning approach to solving a problem gives far better accuracy than other approaches. This has led to a Tsunami in the area of Machine Learning.

Most of the domains that were considered specializations are now being merged into Machine Learning. This has happened because of the following:

Better research and algorithms
Better computing resources
Distributed computing infrastructures
Availablity of Big Data
Every domain of computing such as data analysis, software engineering, and artificial intelligence is going to be impacted by Machine Learning. Therefore, every engineer, researcher, manager or scientist would be expected to know Machine Learning.

So naturally, you are excited about Machine learning and would love to dive into it. This specialization is designed for those who want to gain hands-on experience in solving real-life problems using machine learning and deep learning. After finishing this specialization, you will find creative ways to apply your learnings to your work. For example

You would like to build a robot which can recognize faces or change the path after discovering obstacles on the path.
Or maybe you would like to unearth hidden gems (like predicting next year revenue or fraudulent transactions or building a recommendation engine etc) in your company’s tons of data(logs, financial records, HR reports or e-commerce transactions reports).
See you in the specialization and happy learning!

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Course Features

3 Courses

1. Python for Machine Learning 2. Machine Learning 3. Deep Learning

Cloud lab

Apply the skills you learn on a distributed cluster to solve real-world problems.


Work on about 12 machine learning projects to get hands-on experience

Experienced Instructors

All our instructors are from top-notch universities having years of teaching experience in their domain.

Best-in-class Support

24×7 Support. Discussion forum to answer all your queries throughout your learning journey


Highlight your new skills on your resume or LinkedIn. Certificate issued by E&ICT, IIT Roorkee

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