Upcoming Faculty Development Programmes

Common Brochure

These courses will be conducted through National Knowledge Network by Electronics & ICT Academies at IIT Roorkee, IIT Guwahati, IIITDM Jabalpur, MNIT Jaipur, NIT Patna and NIT Warangal. Interested participants will have to attend these courses at one of these academies based on the state their institutions belong to.

Course Fees

Registration Fee for each Winter Course:

Faculty members: Rs. 3,000/- (Three Thousand rupees only for GEN/OBC)

Faculty members: Rs. 1500/- (One Thousand Five Hundred rupees only for SC/ST)

Persons from Industry: Rs. 9,000/- (Nine Thousand rupees only )

S.No Name of the Course and Date Global Academy & Coordinator Participating Academies and
Local Coordinator
1 Digital Signal Processing and Sensors
1st - 10th December, 2017

Offline Registration

Online Registration
NIT Warangal: Dr. T. Kishore Kumar
Email: kishorefr@gmail.com
NIT Warangal :
Dr. T. Kishore Kumar
Email: kishorefr@gmail.com
Mobile: 833 296 9353

IIT Guwahati :
Dr. S. Rafi Ahamed
Email: rafiahamed@iitg.ernet.in
Mobile: 995 702 9847

MNIT Jaipur :
Dr. L. Bhargava
Email: lavab@mnit.ac.in
Mobile: 954 9654 231

Dr. C. Periasamy
Email: cpsamy.ece@mnit.ac.in
Mobile: 954 9654 235

NIT Patna :
Dr. Puli Kishore Kumar
Email: pulikishorek@nitp.ac.in
Mobile: 703 329 7213

Dr. Bharat Gupta
Email: bharat@nitp.ac.in
Mobile: 709 140 6964

IIT Roorkee :
Dr. Meenakshi Rawat
Email: meenakshirawat_uofc@yahoo.ca
Mobile: 897 987 9044